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No vacation is complete without fantastic dining!  If you are on Long Beach Island enjoying the many things this marvelous destination has to offer, at some point you will likely find yourself in the town of Beach Haven, near the southern end of the island.  This historic beach town is jam packed with things to do, from bike rides on its dedicated bike lanes, to outdoor water sports like Standup Paddleboarding and jet skiing, to some of the best beaches in New Jersey, to amusement parks and arcades, water slides and mini golf, and lots of local business and artsy shops. One of the absolute best things about this town is that you can walk to everything!  With all this to do, you will soon be wondering where the best spot is to get a bite to eat.  There are many amazing restaurants in Beach Haven, NJ scattered around this thriving beach town.  From classy to casual eateries, all accept a relaxed dress code suited to the laid back island style.

This list is compiled from the critiques of over twelve hundred guests who stay each year at The Island Guest House Bed & Breakfast Inn at the Beach (www.theislandguesthouse.com), located in the center of Beach Haven. Who better than a local Innkeeper of twenty years for expert advice?  Most of the restaurants are pet friendly (as are some rooms in the B&B), and either serve alcohol or you can bring your own.  Guests of the Inn also like to walk out to dinner so they can have a drink if they choose and not worry about driving.

Browse this list of 10 amazing restaurants in Beach Haven, NJ to help you decide which one you want to try first!


Carmen's Unique Beach Cuisine
122 Bay Ave, Beach Haven
(609) 848-9650
Open for dinner

“Mediterranean flair, combining local seafood and produce”
We are so happy to be partnering with Carmen's restaurant this year.  The owners Joanne and Peter just stood out in the crowd to us.  Her effervescence is contagious and you will see her greeting guests and checking up on tables to make sure everything is alright.  They know how to make a customer feel special, which can be hard in a busy resort town restaurant.  When they invited us for a complimentary dinner so we could first hand see if they were someone we would recommend to our guests, we knew that we would! 

Outside Seating? No
Pet friendly?  No

Buckalew's Restaurant and Tavern
101 N Bay Ave
Beach Haven, NJ
Open 11am to Midnight

“Seafood, steaks, chops and classic comfort food”
Guests chose Buckalew's for several reasons.  They are open late for food, good music and libations and the perfect place to go whey you arrive in the evening after a long trip to the shore and need a close place to walk out to and relax.  The sports bar side has booths around the perimeter of a large bar full of locals and visitors.  There is a more formal restaurant side also. Good sushi! They are open every day and have porch seating as well.

Outside Seating? Yes
Pet friendly?  Since the porch is small, when it is crowded it is too tight for large dogs.  But they have a bike rack right next to the porch that dogs can be tied up at so they are very close to their owners.   If you feel your dog would be ok with that, they are welcome. 

Black Whale Bar and Fish House
100 N Pennsylvania Ave
Beach Haven, NJ
(609) 492-0025
Open 3 - 10pm

“Outstanding seafood and steaks and fantastic cocktails”
Located close to the bay in the heart of Beach Haven.  The casual atmosphere includes brown paper on the tables that the servers write their name on.  I love the Oyster crackers in the bowl with the horseradish to put on top at each table!

Outside Seating? No
Pet Friendly?  No

Barry's Do Me A Flavor
309 Centre Street
Beach Haven, NJ
(609) 492-8259
Open 11am to 10pm
Even though the name says ice cream shop, Barry's has excellent food also.  There is lots of indoor and outdoor seating. Our favorites are Chicken Parmesan, and the dinner special of the day; (Pot Roast on Fridays), and their Fish Tacos.  They serve everything in either baskets or the round tin foil containers that you can put a lid on when you leave, so it is nicely casual. It is just a few minutes away when you walk and there in not a long wait.

Outside seating?  Yes
Dog friendly? Yes

Beach Haven Fishery
2115 Long Beach Blvd
Spray Beach, NJ
11am to 9pm
Open 11am – 9pm
This is a great place to go pick up some of the freshest seafood and bring it back to the Inn to eat in the garden.  You can also sit at the picnic tables outside.  Everything is served in foam take out containers with plastic ware.  A favorite thing that guests do is pick up their meals, bring it back to the Inn’s garden, and we get them set up with dishes and silverware.  Add a bottle of wine and you have the perfect private dinner!
Outside seating? Yes
Dog Friendly? Yes

Casual Eateries

Pearl Street Market
229 Pearl St
Beach Haven, NJ
Open 6am - 8pm

Sandwiches and salads can be enjoyed while basking in the sun on our brick patio or taken “to go”.  Wonderful cheeses, spreads, and specialty foods all ready to take for an evening snack in the garden or on the front porch, or to pack up for the beach. 

Pearl street market is a favorite destination for those who bring their dogs to the Inn.  The 5 minute walk past Bicentennial park is the perfect route for Fido, and they welcome dogs at their outside seating.  

Outside seating? Yes
Pet friendly? Yes

The Woo Hoo
211 S Bay Ave
Beach Haven, NJ
11am – 10pm (6pm Sunday)

Burgers, Sammies, Salads.
A new addition to the center of Beach Haven. Lots of brightly colored picnic tables, and they offer takeout. It has been awhile since anyone has had this place open, so give the Woo Hoo a chance to become a favorite.

Outside Seating?  Yes
Dog Friendly? Yes outside

Chicken or the Egg
207 N Bay Ave
Beach Haven, NJ
(609) 492-FOWL
Open every day..24 ours in season.

“The Chicken or the Egg is an Island tradition.” 
Located in the center of town, people flock to the island the day the "Chegg" opens on April 15 each year.   Bring your 6 pack and plan on ordering their wings; they are famous for their different sauces from mild to “Ludacris”. They have been featured on several TV shows for the quality of their foods and their level of spice in their sauces! 
You can order take out or sit in.

Outside seating?  No
Pet friendly? No

Slice of Heaven Pizza
610 N. Bay Ave
Beach Haven, NJ
(609) 492-PIES
Open every day 11am to 10pm

“Amazing pizza!” 
Really one could just stop there.  For 20 years we have enjoyed wonderful New York style pizza compliments of Anthony and Dominic.  I am in love with their sauce!   Mark loves the subs, cheesesteaks, and the real onion rings.  It is located right in the heart of town, next to Fantasy Island amusement park.

Outside seating? Yes
Dog friendly?  Yes outside

Living On the Veg.
2513 S. long Beach Blvd
Long Beach Township, NJ
(609) 492-4066
11am – 7pm

"Wonderful, creative, delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine"
They have great salads and juice bar, and are committed to providing fresh, organic cuisine. Take out or picnic tables outside.  The go to place for the health conscious, or even if you aren't.  Great juice bar.  Since we cater to health and wellness conscious guests all the time, we always recommend them, and the guests just rave about the food. 

Outside seating?  Yes
Pet friendly? Yes

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After experiencing the many attractions and restaurants in Beach Haven, NJ, come to The Island Guest House Bed & Breakfast at the Beach. (www.theislandguesthouse.com) for some rest and relaxation...and the best homemade breakfast each morning! Think Cheese Blintzes with strawberries and whipped cream, or tomato basil Quiche.  We use fresh local produce, with herbs and some offerings directly from the garden.  Mark and Joanne are experts at helping to plan your best vacation ever!  Check our availability today to book a vacation you will never forget.

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Top 8 things To Do in Long Beach Island this Spring

Top 8 things To Do in Long Beach Island this Spring

Spring has Sprung!   By the end of April on LBI this sleepy island will starting to come to life! Picture yourself at work on your computer in the middle of the day when all of a sudden a "Do You Remember the Sand in Your Toes?"  email pops up. Immediately you get taken away to the sunny lazy days of your last trip to the beach (or the "Jersey Shore") as those who come time and time again call it.

You are itching to head over the causeway between Manahawkin and LBI, that arch that is the moment your tension starts to drain away... you dream of heading down for that first taste of the relaxation and rejuvenation only the beach can bring, but.. WHAT IS OPEN?

Put your worries aside, because there is SO MUCH TO DO in the spring! Here is a list of the Top 10 Things To Do in Long Beach Island in the Spring to start you on your way to planning your first trip to the shore this year.

1.     The Beach
 LBI has some of the best beaches in New Jersey and they are FREE in the spring. Bring your dog down because they are welcome until varying dates.  In Beach Haven they are allowed on the beach until Memorial Day. The Island Guest House Bed and Breakfast at the Beach, in Beach Haven, accepts dogs in some areas of the Inn so you can extend your stay. (http://www.theislandguesthouse.com/long-beach-island-new-jersey-pet-friendly-lodging.htm ). You can walk the entire length of the island on the 18 miles of uninterrupted beach, and every block has beach access and plenty of parking in the spring. Brink a bag to find shells, silver dollars, and beach glass, and don't forget to get that photo of your feet with the ocean in the background!

2.  Fantasy Island Amusement Park

Located in Beach Haven, (www.fantasyislandpark.com). this amusement park with rides and games is the only one on LBI.  The arcade opens in April on the weekends, and every day by Memorial Day.

3.  Kayaking

Now is a great time to get back outside and experience the beauty of nature.  If you do not feel like getting into the water just yet, consider kayaking. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors!  South End Surf 'N Paddle (southendsurfnpaddle.com) is open and ready to help. They have a 2 hour eco-tour that includes the use of a kayak. 

4. Miniature Golf

There are several mini golf courses up and down Long Beach Island.  Heartland Mini Golf  (http://www.hartlandgolfandarcade.com/) is located in Ship Bottom, just south of where you come over the causeway bridge.  Enjoy a round of mini golf with family or friends.   It is the perfect place to invite a special someone to for an afternoon of fun and conversation.

5.  New Jersey Maritime Museum

Located near the Bay in Beach Haven, the New Jersey Maritime Museum (www.njmaritimemuseum.org) is quoted as being "The most amazing collection of shipwrecks and other disasters at sea." Best of all, it’s free, although you can certainly make a donation to the museum. Be sure to make this a must see on your visit to the Jersey Shore!

6.  Pickleball

It is described as "Funny name..great game." Pickleball is sweeping the nation, and It has arrived on Long Beach Island!  Over the last year it has become so popular that it has expanded to several towns, including Beach Haven and Brant Beach. It is a great sport for teens and up, including millennials, baby boomers, and active seniors.

The racket sport Is played with a whiffle ball and paddle on a tennis court taped off to be a slightly smaller playing area.  It is a  combination of tennis, ping pong, racquet ball and badminton, it is less strenuous than tennis and can be played as easily by a 70 year old as well an an 18 year old. 

St. Francis Center in Brandt beach (stfranciscenterlbi.org/recreation) has pickleball now on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 12:15 to 3pm. Feel free to drop in. For $5 you get use of a paddle and there are always beginners coming for the first time.  They are happy to give a lesson and pair you up with some of the other beginners together...you can walk in the first time and leave having played several sets of enjoyable pickleball in the same day!   Also you do not need to come with a partner. Play is generally set up as a round robin with beginners, intermediate and advanced players loosely grouped.  So give this enjoyable sport a try, and you too will be hooked like so many others!

7. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park
The park includes trails, fishing, birdwatching, an interpretive center and picnicking. There is no entrance fee to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park (www.longbeachislandjournal.com/attractions/barnegat-lighthouse), which is open daily from 8am to 6pm.  One of the main attractions to the park is the "Old Barney" lighthouse, which sits on the northern tip of LBI, with 217 steps culminating in a breathtaking view of Long Beach Island. The lighthouse is open daily from 10am to 4:30 pm, and costs $3 per person age 12 and older and $1 for children 6 to 11.

8. The Chicken or the Egg

The "Chegg", as it is called by locals, has become an island tradition, with waves of its loyal customers taking the pilgrimage down to Beach Haven as close as possible to its April 15, 2016 opening.  The Chicken or the Egg (www.492FOWL.com) is open every day, and they are famous for their wings, with sauces from mild to "ludicrous". 

Come Stay With Us at the Island Guest House Bed and Breakfast at the Beach!

Now that you have enjoyed yourself around Long Beach Island, you probably realize that you are not finished with your list.  Complete your vacation by staying at The Island Guest House Bed and Breakfast Inn. (www.theislandguesthouse.com). The Island Guest House opens April 29, 2016 and is a delightful Bed and Breakfast located in Beach Haven with friendly and knowledgeable Innkeepers that can help you get the most from your vacation in Long Beach Island.  Explore more of the many things to do by taking out one of their complimentary bicycles or just relax with one of their beach chairs...yes… with your toes in the sand. You are guaranteed to love what we offer here, so check our availability online and book your room with us.