Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Island Guest HouseLong Beach Island, NJ

Hi Brides of Long Beach Island! I would like to have you consider us for your event and lodging. Check out our website.

There are various things we can help you to do to save some hard earned valuable money while not giving up the perfect day.

Your wedding vows don't have to break the bank.

Opt to have your ceremony on a Sunday. Here at the Inn even if you do not rent the entire Inn, most weekend guests leave on Sunday, allowing your reception guests availablility of indoor amentities.
Opt for a luncheon. You do not need a happy hour, and you may save money on food. Also there is generally a lighter bar selection. Beach weddings and showers are lovely in the afternoon!
Opt for a garden wedding. You wont need to buy flowers. Here at the Island Guest House outdoors can be tented, or moved inside if there is inclement weather.
We do a wedding cake cupcake tree display which is lovely, individual, and less expensive than many bakery wedding cakes.

Finally, dont take out a large loan to pay for a wedding...The trend today is for a more "Inn-Timate" wedding where the bride and groom have a chance to mingle with loved ones and friends.

Come and be an "Island Bride" at the Island Guest House Bed and Breakfast!

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